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SANA Certifies Its Last Group of Trainees at Aboujoaude Hospital 14 Jun2 2018
It was a bittersweet day for SANA as it certified

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SANA Certifies Its Last Group of Trainees at Aboujoaude Hospital 14 Jun2 2018
SANA’s Returns to Aboujaoude Hospital 6 June 2018
SANA returned to Aboujaoude Hospital for a fourth session and

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SANA’s Returns to Aboujaoude Hospital 6 June 2018
SANA’s Third Session at Aboujaoude Hospital 31 May 2018
It was indeed an incredible day as SANA returned to

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SANA’s Third Session at Aboujaoude Hospital 31 May 2018

SANA's Projects

SANA's primary goal is to implement its program in the needy isolated areas of Lebanon. SANA works closely in collaboration with local NGO's as well as national and international organizations in order to select its target areas and fulfill its mission.


In addition to several completed projects where SANA focused on providing obstetrical care in under-resourced areas, SANA currently has several ongoing projects:


1- Ongoing sonographic training at the Governmental Hospital of Seer Al Dinnieh which commenced in August 2012. Nine midwives and nurses were awarded ISUOG Certificates in April 2013 upon the completion of the basic training in obstetrical sonography. They have since commenced their own obstetrical prenatal clinic in 2014, and are currently providing care to over 110 Lebanese as well as Syrian refugees. SANA is overseeing their continued progress with frequent onsite visits and capacity building training.


2- Ongoing obstetrical training to the nurses and midwives at the Wadi Khaled Health Dispensary where deliveries are performed on site. The health dispensary is under the direction of the Al Makassed University Hospital. Training commenced in October 2013. Phase 1 focuses on prenatal, intrapartum as well as postpartum care, while Phase 2 shall encompass sonographic training. Our main obstacle and source of delay in the Wadi Khaled training has been the serious safety concerns in the area forcing the last minute cancellation of planned missions.


3- Introducing ultrasound into medical education for the midwifery students at the School of Public Health at the Lebanese University, Tripoli and preparing them for ISUOG Certification in Basic Scanning. Project commenced in March 2015.


4- Ongoing sonographic evaluation for the expectant Syrian refugees under the care of Medecins Sans Frontieres in North Lebanon. This collaboration commenced in October 2012.


5- SANA partnered with World Vision International, Akkar in November 2011 and through coordination with their able team on the ground all over Akkar, SANA provides obstetrical care to their underserved expectant mothers at various locales from local health dispensaries to classrooms in the area's schools to local houses of worship. In addition SANA provides education on various issues pertaining to reproductive health and maternal/child health to various representatives from the community who in turn spread the information and help clarify the many myths that are prevalent.


6- SANA has strong ties with the Btourmaz Health Dispensary as of July 2011 providing education as well as obstetrical care with sonographic evaluation to their patients. In addition, SANA has commenced sonographic training of the the charge nurse at the dispensary and the training is ongoing.


7- SANA has partnered with UNHCR and has provided medical care and education to Syrian Refugees under their care. In addition, there are ongoing plans to commence training for UNHCR staff on issues pertaining to reproductive health.


8- SANA has partnered with ARCENCIEL to deliver medical care at their facility in Halba, Akkar as of January 2015.


9- SANA had the honor to participate in the Sabis Koura Student Health Week in May 2014 and June 2015 providing education to students of Grade 7-11 on all issues pertaining to general health with a special focus on puberty and its problems.


10- Completed obstetrical training to the nurses and midwives at the Hanan Hospital, a charity hospital in Tripoli. Training commenced in December 2013 and was completed in May 2014 and it focused on prenatal, intrapartum as well as postpartum care.


11- Introduced ultrasound into medical education at the first year level for the medical students at the University of Balamand.


12- Partnered with Hopital Aboujaoude to live stream ISUOG's Courses, the first of which was the Advanced Doppler Course 24 April 2015.


13- SANA commenced providing comprehensive obstetrical care with sonography at the Kfaribnine Health Department in November 2015.


SANA's team welcomes your proposals for including any area within the Lebanese territories. Please contact us for needs assessment and arrangements.