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SANA and Hopital Aboujaoude Hold the Eighth Session for the Resident Training Course in Ob/Gyn Ultrasound, in Cooperation with ISUOG, 17 March 2018
SANA returned to Hopital Aboujaoude for the eighth session of

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SANA and Hopital Aboujaoude Hold the Eighth Session for the Resident Training Course in Ob/Gyn Ultrasound, in Cooperation with ISUOG, 17 March 2018
SANA’s Returns to Dahieh 13 March 2018
SANA’s team returned to Dahieh today for another medical/educational mission

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SANA’s Returns to Dahieh 13 March 2018
SANA’s Team Returns to Jabal Al Biddawi 6 March 2018
SANA’s team returned to Jabal Al Biddawi today on a

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SANA’s Team Returns to Jabal Al Biddawi 6 March 2018

A Tribute to Sana by Sana's Own...30 September 2011

On the 7th anniversary of the loss of our dear Dr. Sana Elias, her family and SANA Medical NGO are organizingg a piano recital with performances by her own children, niece and nephews:

"A Tribute to Sana by Sana's Own"...


The recital is planned for Friday, September 30 at 6 pm at the University of Balamand Auditorium. Tickets are free of charge and are available by contacting SANA Medical NGO at 71-606380. Donations to SANA Medical NGO are at the discretion of the attendees.


SANA's Outreach Trip to Btourmaz, Dinnieh 19 July 2011

After much planning, Sana’s team made up of Reem S. Abu-Rustum, MD, Katia Fajloun, RN and Noura Kassir Jumaa travelled along peach-tree road to Btourmaz, a remote village in the Dinnieh mountainous area of North Lebanon. Btourmaz has a total of 4000 inhabitants and approximately  6 deliveries a month (72 deliveries a year).


The team had the warmest welcome from Mr. Mahmoud Alsayyid who is in charge of the local health department, Ms. Ghinwa Fareek, the nurse in charge, and 45 local wives and mothers who had gathered in the conference area anxiously awaiting hearing an informative educational presentation given by Reem S. Abu-Rustum, MD on the best guidelines to follow for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

And after the presentation, and with much ado, Reem managed to break away from some 45 women who had encircled her where each and every one of them was bombarding her with a million questions, all fired at the same time, on so many health and pregnancy-related concerns…

Finally, the team arrived to the safe haven of the examination room where nurse Ghinwa stood guard at the door to prevent the untimely entry of those with burning questions, who were not pregnant, but who did succeed in getting their medical problems and concerns addressed as well…


Thee team scanned 16 patients, corrected the dates of 3, informed a supposedly 6 month pregnant lady that she has a non-pregnant uterus which we confirmed by a pregnancy test as well, diagnosed 3 cases of anemia and were shocked at a C-Section rate of 50% in the multiparas seen. Nine of the patients had received 0-2 prenatal care visits this pregnancy.


The most moving patient was a 28 year old on her 4th pregnancy who had lost her last pregnancy due to fetal anomalies and was now at 33 weeks. Supposedly all was well with this pregnancy. Upon scanning here, the team was shocked to find massive fetal ascitis and subsequently provided guidance to her as to the next steps…


Ample calcium and multivitamin supplements were distributed to all patients courtesy of Pfizer Consumer.


SANA’s team made arrangements for a return visit in the next 6-8 weeks with plans for structured training of the health department’s personnel in order to be able to provide better prenatal care to the local mothers.


The hours flew by for both SANA’s team and the waiting patients who were all gratified by the end of the day as they journeyed back home along peach-tree road…


Mountains' Need Assessment 14 June 2011

SANA's team, made up of Reem S. Abu-Rustum, MD and Norma Rizk, PhD, travelled the majestic route, up 1950m (6398 ft) from sea level, to the District of Bsharri today for a needs assessment visit.


Mr. Jad Tawk of Cedar's Mountain Foundation served as our main link connecting us with key representatives from Bsharri's Governmental Hospital and World Vision.


Dr. Yousif Tawk, the director of Bsharri's Governmental Hospital, had arranged for us to meet with Dr. Emile Tawk, the hospital's governmental representative, and Dr. Abdallah Al-Amin, head of the Emergency Department.


The District of Bsharri has approximately 500 deliveries a year. The closest secondary level hospital is approximately an hour's drive along the mountainous roads. Currently, Bsharri's Governmental Hospital has 18 beds (2 of which are obstetrical), and is undergoing expansion, with major plans for improving the obstetrical care. The future role of SANA, in serving as an active participant in providing free prenatal care, and in training the obstetrical personnel on the use of ultrasound, was discussed.


Subsequently, a most fruitful meeting took place with Ms. Mireille Maatouk, health coordinator for World Vision, to evaluate the possible future collaboration between SANA and World Vision in providing medical care and educational sessions.


The meeting, as well as the mountainous glory, left all in high spirits as to the great potential that lies ahead by combining all of our efforts in order to make an impact. As a result, intensive planning is currently underway to commence outreach activities in July...