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SANA Certifies Its Last Group of Trainees at Aboujoaude Hospital 14 Jun2 2018
It was a bittersweet day for SANA as it certified

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SANA Certifies Its Last Group of Trainees at Aboujoaude Hospital 14 Jun2 2018
SANA’s Returns to Aboujaoude Hospital 6 June 2018
SANA returned to Aboujaoude Hospital for a fourth session and

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SANA’s Returns to Aboujaoude Hospital 6 June 2018
SANA’s Third Session at Aboujaoude Hospital 31 May 2018
It was indeed an incredible day as SANA returned to

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SANA’s Third Session at Aboujaoude Hospital 31 May 2018

SANA's Last Outreach Trip of 2011...13 December 2011

SANA's team carried out its second medical/training mission today to Sheikh Zennad in collaboration with World Vision Akkar ( as well as Sheikh Zennad's Local Committee.


SANA's team travelled into the heart of Akkar's valley and was met by Mrs. Jamileh Khalil Ibrahim and Mr. Ahmad Jahjah of World Vision Akkar and Ms. Safa' Alali of Sheikh Zennad.

As usual, the team started with an educational session and followed up on the progress of some of the patients seen on SANA's prior visit in November. The team was thrilled to hear of the healthy birth of 2 mothers. In addition, one of the patients who had been previously diagnosed by SANA's team to have severe anemia, was retested today, and was found to have had a significant improvement in response to the medical and dietary therapy initiated.

The team went on to transform our meeting room into a functional clinic and went on to evaluate some of our previously seen patients, in addition to several new ones. Of the patients seen today, 80% were on their fourth pregnancy (if not more), 40% had had prenatal care only with SANA's team, and 75% of the patients tested today had anemia. Follow up on previously scanned fetuses revealed appropriate fetal growth. Of the mothers seen today, 60% were in the third trimester, as a consequence much time was spent reviewing labor precautions and planning for delivery. 

Ms. Safa' Alali of Sheikh Zennad, who had shadowed SANA's team on the last visit, was actively participating today. She learned how to measure blood pressure and was intently following SANA's team and familiarizing herself with the glucometer and our hemoglobin/ hematocrit testers. She was also learning to identify key structures in the fetus on ultrasound: namely the skull, beating heart and placenta and was proving to be the perfect example for: "see one, do one, teach one"!

After a most rewarding day, all involved bid farewell and made plans for a subsequent visit to Sheikh Zennad in early 2012.

This, being the last outreach trip for SANA's team in 2011, was the perfect finale to a most promising start… SANA's team travelled back the sea-side road, reflecting on all the great lessons learned throughout the outreach missions of 2011, and feeling so hopeful about a more fruitful tomorrow and more and more giving in the upcoming New Year...


A "Pine" in the Pod...6 December 2011

Under the bright December sun, SANA's team travelled the now familiar road to Btourmaz, alongside pine tree families of all ages and sizes, and carried out one of its most successful medical missions yet...

As usual, the team started with an educational session to an eager audience and then went on to provide medical care to pregnant ladies spanning the entire 9 months, with various needs and concerns. Of the patients seen, 21% were planning a home birth, and 36% had had no prenatal care except for that provided by SANA's team. The team followed up with patients who had been seen in the past 2 trips to Btourmaz, and who had had complications and workups initiated. In addition, the team identified a patient with a large-for-gestation baby who was planning a home birth and cautioned her as to the potential risks. Another patient had too little fluid around her baby and plans were made for intensified monitoring and timing of delivery.

Perhaps the absolute highlight of the visit was seeing the great advances that Charge Nurse Ghinwa had made. Today she was comfortably dating all the women using her new pregnancy wheel that was provided to her by SANA, and determining fetal presentation while carrying out her first obstetrical scans ever, under the direction of Reem S. Abu-Rustum, MD! Her face was lit up with the brightest smile throughout the day as she confidently applied the knowledge that she has been gaining through SANA's visits and the didactic sessions she has been receiving, and she confidently scanned Btourmaz's mothers, who were so very proud of her...

As such, SANA's team felt extreme gratification in their ability to fulfill one of SANA's most critical goals: that of training and enhancing the skills of the local caregivers... Future dates were set for the next mission, and all journeyed back home feeling as bright as that intense December sun...


SANA's Medical Mission to Sheikh Zennad, Akkar 15 November 2011

Today, and in collaboration with World Vision Akkar,, and  Sheikh Zennad's Local Committee, SANA's team travelled the sea-side road to Sheikh Zennad, a village in Akkar’s Valley, right alongside orange groves, and where the mountain tops glistened with snow in the distance…


SANA’s team was able to meet the “Mukhtar” of Sheikh Zennad (the people’s representative) who welcomed us and informed us that there were approximately 100 annual births in Sheikh Zennad, however there is no local clinic or health dispensary in the village.


The team then got very busy transforming the provided room, at one of the village's public meeting sites, into a fully equipped prenatal clinic. Several of the local mothers then gathered in our meeting room with more mothers standing than sitting. An educational session about proper nutrition in pregnancy was carried out followed by an open discussion targeting various issues, questions and concerns voiced by the attendees, relating to women’s and child health and well being.


Some of our patients waited 2 hours to be examined. Though there was no electrical power while we were there, SANA's team was able to provide counseling, blood pressure checks, hemoglobin and glucose screening in addition to obstetrical sonography. Our patients ranged in age between 26 and 36 years, and of the patients seen, 80% were on their fourth or fifth pregnancy, and 60% had had minimal prenatal care. The team identified 2 cases of anemia one of whom was very severe in need of medical attention, one patient with high blood pressure, corrected wrong dates to 2 patients using ultrasound, and provided basic nutritional supplements. In addition, Safa’, a vibrant member of the Sheikh Zennad community, expressed her eagerness to help SANA’s team and to start learning the basics of prenatal care in hopes of being an active participant in the founding of the village’s own health dispensary. Safa’s then shadowed SANA’s team members through each medical service rendered.


After several intense hours, SANA’s team completed its mission and was immediately asked to set the date for the next trip to Sheikh Zennad given the satisfaction felt by the attendees. As such, and with the help World Vision Akkar as well as Sheikh Zennad's Local Committee, plans have been set for a December trip. And back along the orange groves, SANA’s gratified members travelled home…