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SANA’s Team Returns to Jabal Al Biddawi 28 Nov 2017
SANA’s team returned Jabal Al Biddawi on a medical and

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SANA’s Team Returns to Jabal Al Biddawi 28 Nov 2017
SANA’s Team in Jabal Al Biddawi 17 Oct 2017
SANA’s team carried out the first medical and educational mission

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SANA’s Team in Jabal Al Biddawi 17 Oct 2017
SANA’s Team Back at Orange Nassau Governmental Hospital 10 Oct 2017
SANA’s team returned to Orange Nassau Governmental Hospital in Tripoli

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SANA’s Team Back at Orange Nassau Governmental Hospital 10 Oct 2017

SANA Completes its Didactic Sessions at the Lebanese University 16 February 2017

SANA returned to the Lebanese University today for the 6th and final didactic session to the midwifery students.


The day commenced with midwifery student Riham Ghemrawi sharing her personal scanning experience this week with SANA. She had accompanied SANA to DAZ on a missinion with Medecins Sans Frontieres and excitedly told them about applying her theoretical skill and what she has learned using the SonoSim simulator


Subsequently the final session focused on early gestation, fetal evaluation in the first trimester at 11-14 weeks and the basics of the gynecological exam. The final examination is planned for next week…


SANA in Dar Al Zahra with Medecins Sans Frontieres 14 February 2017

SANA returned to Abu Samra today for a medical/educational mission with Medecins Sans Frontieres at their locale in Dar Al Zahra’. Accompanying SANA was trainee midwife Riham Ghemrawi.


It was a busy Valentines’ day for the team with a packed clinic and patients who were well into their second and early third trimesters of pregnancies. Full assessments were carried out on the patients and they were all scanned by trainee Riham under the guidance of SANA’s Reem S. Abu-Rustum. Having spent time on the simulator prior to her first outreach mission, Riham skillfully carried out the 6-Step approach and as a result, redated 13% of the patients seen.


SANA saw several high risk patients in need of follow up and intensified prenatal care. It was MSF’s midwife Louiis who was outstanding in making all the necessary arrangements for the patients.


At the end of another rewarding day, the team headed back home and plans were made for the next visit DAZ…


SANA Continues with its 5th Didactic Session at the Lebanese University 10 February 2017

It was back to the Lebanese University for the 5th didactic session to the midwifery students in Tripoli.


The session commenced with midwife Nariman, who has joined the group from the community, sharing with her classmates her experiences working on the simulator and how that correlates with her work as the charge nurse of the labor and delivery at a local hospital.


Today’s didactic session today was quite interactive where Reem S. Abu-Rustum presented a series of abnormal cases and the students had to recognize what was abnormal. It was stressed to them that in the future, and at this stage of their training, they are not expected to reach the correct diagnosis. However, they need to recognize that the image is not as it should be in order to ensure that the patients get referred for proper diagnosis and management. Subsequently, the sonographic assessment of twins, determining chorionicty and the key complications to anticipate and look for were covered. SANA’s utilized ISUOG Outreach’s educational slide set on Twins.


At the end of the session, the students planned next week’s observatory/hands-on days with SANA…