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SANA Certifies Its Last Group of Trainees at Aboujoaude Hospital 14 Jun2 2018
It was a bittersweet day for SANA as it certified

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SANA Certifies Its Last Group of Trainees at Aboujoaude Hospital 14 Jun2 2018
SANA’s Returns to Aboujaoude Hospital 6 June 2018
SANA returned to Aboujaoude Hospital for a fourth session and

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SANA’s Returns to Aboujaoude Hospital 6 June 2018
SANA’s Third Session at Aboujaoude Hospital 31 May 2018
It was indeed an incredible day as SANA returned to

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SANA’s Third Session at Aboujaoude Hospital 31 May 2018

SANA On A Special Trip to the Lebanese Red Cross in Tripoli 29 May 2018

It was a very special trip for SANA as one of its trainees, midwife Janine, has commenced work at the Lebanese Red Cross. Janine recently received her ISUOG certificate and is eager to put her new skills to good use using the ultrasound machine available on site.


As such, SANA’s team joined her at the Red Cross Locale in Tripoli where SANA’s Reem S. Abu-Rustum adjusted the settings on the machine and showed Janine how to use it, optimize her image, and find the biometric measurements with gestational age assignment.


Subsequently, Janine skillfully scanned the patients who ranged in age between 16 and 38 years, many of whom where on pregnancy 8 and above, with as many as 6 prior cesarean sections. Extensive counseling was provided and Janine redated 60% of the patients seen. She carried out the 6-steps approach with skill and comfort.


SANA thanks Mr. Dory Mansour and Levant ALie Houses SAL who provided all supplements today.


At the end of a rewarding day, plans were made for a similar visit to the Red Cross’s locale in Mina to work and adjust the machine there with Janine in the near future…


SANA’s Second Session of the Ultrasound Course for Midwives at Aboujaoude Hospital 24 May 2018

SANA returned to Aboujaoude Hospital for a second session with the midwives today. It was truly a most educational and “fun” session.


The main topic today was the the 6-steps approach which was covered in details. Subsequently, SANA’s simulator was brought to the auditorium and a demonstation on its use was carried out by SANA’s Reem S. Abu-Rustum.


The midwives then took turn each scanning a “virtual” patient with feedback from the colleagues. It was a see on, do one, teach one session as the midwives interacted and helped one another. Their worry about anatomical recognition soon disintegrated as they confidently identified presentation, ascertained viability and localized the placenta. It was amazing to see their recognition of intracranial and intrabdominal anatomy.


Reem left them with the simulator to continue practicing and returned home having set the date for the next session with the amazingly dedicated midwives :))


Advances in Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology 11-12 May 2018

It was a dream-come-true to host the first ever ISUOG-Approved course in Lebanon 11-12 May 2018 and it proved to be a most memorable event. The course was organized by SANA Medical NGO and Aboujaoude Hospital and it was under the patronage of the Lebanese Order of Physicians -Tripoli and in cooperation with LSOG and NSOG.


Delegates from all over Lebanon as well as from neighboring Syria, Jordan and as far as the UK gathered in the grand setting of Le Royal Hotel for the course. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive regarding the high level of the scientific sessions and the organization of the event.


The event’s success is owed to our amazing speakers who took our attendees through a journey of marvel into the world of ultrasound. The course covered all imaginable aspects of Ob/Gyn ultrasound: from the first trimester scan and its role in the era of cfDNA, to the second trimester scan with a special focus on the fetal heart, to the third trimester scan with a focus on growth and a discussion on the management of twins. In addition, an overview of the evaluation of the female pelvis ensued. At the end of the course, delegates were mesmerized as Prof. Abuhamad and Bilardo carried live scan demonstrations utilizing the latest sonographic equipment.


The meeting was not only a venue for the exchange of science and education but it was also an avenue for reuniting old friends, establishing new friends and acknowledging the world-class faculty amongst us. This was Prof. Abuhamad’s first visit back home in nearly 2 decades, Prof. Bilardo’s first visit to Lebanon and Prof. Visser’s third. The priceless contributions of Prof. Abuhamad, Bilardo and Visser to global maternal health in general, and to our Lebanon in particular, were recognized during our gala dinner. Shields of honor were presented to them by Dr. Omar Ayyash, President of the Lebanese Order of Physicians – Tripoli, Prof. Antoine Abu Musa, President of the Lebanese Society of Ob/Gyn, in addition to tokens of appreciation from SANA Medical NGO and Aboujaoude Hospital.


SANA Medical NGO and Aboujaoude Hospital also presented tokens of appreciation to LOP, LSOG and NSOG and a special token of appreciation was also presented to ISUOG for the incredible support. Finally, commemorating SANA’s 7th anniversary on May 19, special recognition to “Friends of SANA” was handed to Prof. Abuhamad and Bilardo, Aboujaoude Hospital and Drs. Daou and Helou.


A crowning event during our gala was providing the first ever ISUOG BT certificates to 10 trainees in Lebanon and details can be found at:


Indeed our memory is replete with incredible images from a new gold standard in ultrasound courses in Lebanon. We owe it all to our distinguished speakers: Professors Abuhamad, Bilardo and Visser without whom this dream would not have been realized. May the future reunite us all in our beloved Lebanon…